Saturday, May 12, 2007

users feedback on sharehound

Feel free to leave a comment here on your experience with sharehound product. Any language is OK.

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Darkhorse said...

Hey, I have a question about modifying the sharehound JSP pages. I know nothing about JSP (pure java and C programmer), but am adapting sharehound for a lot of beginner users. I need to automatically add the wildcard * operator to both sides of every word in every query sent through search.jsp's main search field. (Example: if the user typed search phrase "cats and dogs", it would be processed as *cats* AND *and* AND *dogs*. I don't expect you to write code for me, but looking at the JSP code (in the HTML and Servlet script sections of search.jsp) I can't figure out what variable I should work on. I can probably hack together a function to process it the way I want it, but could you tell me what (probably in the submitSearch() function) I should be operating on? Thanks,


Artem Vasiliev said...

Hey Zac,

yeah you can plug into submitSearch() javascript function and modify the search input box value before it gets submitted - it's probably the easiest way. You'll need to figure out the excact field name yourself however.

Or, you can modify it on Java side, but this will require recompiling the app (not too hard actually). The entry point is execute(SearchForm) method in - then you can see where you can modify the search query. Be warned that wildcards make things harder for lucene - queries will run slower.

Best regards,